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IN FEAR (2013) Drives Home A Spectacular Thriller

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If someone had said to me, check out this film it’s only got three character’s and 98% of the film takes place in a car. I would say no thank you. Luckily I don’t watch many trailers. I like to try and sit back and watch a film without knowing anything going into them. In Fear is a movie I probably wouldn’t have sat down to watch if I knew the premise, and I’m glad I didn’t.

In Fear is about couple that’s been in a relationship for about two weeks. They are on the way to a music festival, when they stop at a Pub for a few drinks. After the Pub the guy talks the girl into going to a hotel for the evening. Well getting to the hotel is no easy task, they get lost in a maze, always returning to a creepy cabin. With no way out of the maze, no cell signal, no GPS, and almost out of gas, the two begin seeing figures in the night, clothes that were in the trunk scattered across the road, and even feel hair being pulled, is paranoia setting in or is someone really out there stalking them?

In Fear is a delightful psychological mind fuck. You would think a simple plot like this would get boring quick, but it doesn’t. Director Jeremy Lovering paces the movie so well that it’s almost over to soon. Messing up the pacing with a story like this is the difference between horribly boring and it being, well what it is.

Iain De Caestecker and Alice Englert In Fear

The cast is amazing. For three characters to hold a feature film together is amazing in and of itself, but a great film, you won’t see this to often. Iain De Caestecker plays Tom, the “cheeky fucker” trying to get his two week old wannabe girlfriend to stay the night in a hotel. He is a normal horny, happy go lucky guy, but when the shit gets thick he kind of turns into a dick. Alice Englert plays, Lucy, the girl next door type who is wary about spending time with Tom let alone going to a hotel with him. When the shit gets thick, she can take care of herself. Casting in a movie like this is critical and was casted perfectly. The chemistry between these two and how it changes throughout the picture is really what bring the tension to the film. The road is a character itself with the claustrophobic twists and turns that sets the creepy mood.

In Fear is not for gore hounds at all, but if you like a good frightening mind bender and nail-biter this one is certainly for you.

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Chad Armstrong

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