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DEAD HEARTS Short Film Releases Just In Time For Halloween! See it HERE!

Back in November of last year, we told you about a whimsical short film by Stephen W. Martin, Dead Hearts.  It’s a witty, darkly-comedic little fantasy that tells the story of little Milton, his life, his love, and his un-life, all in a rather bloody, kung-fu filled romp with a something akin to a Roald Dahl-style feeling to it.


Right here at the perfect time of year for it, the short is being released on the internet.  While some parts of it are a bit extreme for the really  young eyes, I find it to be a pretty darned impressive Halloween-time fairy tale that will appeal to a broad range of viewers.  It’s not gonna scare  you, but from my own experience, I believe it will certainly entertain you!

I’m personally a huge fan of this film — and most of you know I’m really not one who enjoys comedy or camp with his horror — here, however, the tale is painted on such an amusing yet relatable canvas, I found it impossible not  to like.

Writer/director Stephen Martin has been kind enough to let us help get this film out there to you fans, so look no further than below to check out this great flick!


Dead Hearts from stephen martin on Vimeo.



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