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Birth Of The Living Dead

Documentaries aren’t something I would normally review. There are a ton of them out about the genre, our favorite films, and even makeup FX. However, this one I felt inclined to talk about.

Night Of The Living Dead is the movie that created Zombies as we know today. The flesh eating, virus created, shoot’em in the head, living dead. We can all thank master George A. Romero, without him there would be no zombies like we all love today, no Walking Dead, no Return Of The Living Dead, or a zillion other films that are out there. So I was intrigued to see how this sub-genre that turned into it’s own genre, started.

The documentary has some spectacular animation, which besides the short amount of time actually spending with Romero, was my favorite aspect of the film.

George A. Romero

George A. Romero seemed to have a blast talking about the film, he is funny, charismatic, and in most cases detail oriented about making the film. Problem is, he is not really the main focus of the film. They interview other people who go into race, the political aspects of the time and film and it just kind of falls flat to someone wanting to know about the making of the actual film. I would have rather watched 60 minutes of Romero answering questions. There’s even some scenes of some guy teaching literacy through film with some kids who are not really old enough to be watching the film. This was certainly something I didn’t care about, nor had to do with making the film.

It’s worth catching for Romero’s interview but the rest is garbage. There is so much more that could have been included but the filmmakers denied us the real in depth stuff.

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Chad Armstrong

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