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Amanda Wyss Talks With Us About Her New Psychological Thriller THE ID

Amanda Wyss

We here at the ‘Corpse were lucky enough to both check out Thommy Hutson’s new psychological thriller The Id  (review is coming!), and to have a chance to talk with the star of the film, the perpetually lovely Amanda Wyss, whom of course we all remember as Tina from A Nightmare On Elm Street, as well as many other roles in television and films.


LEGLESSCORPSE:  Thanks so much for letting us take up some of your time!  I won’t waste too much of it, so I’ll start with the obvious:  How did you come to be cast in The Id?

AMANDA WYSS:  I’ve known Thommy Hutson, the director, for many years — Heather Langenkamp actually introduced us. He asked if I would read the script by Sean Stweart, with the role of Meridith in mind. So I read it — and called him back immediately. I knew I had  to play Meridith.

LC:  What was your initial thinking about the script?

AW:  My initial thoughts were that it was raw, relentless, and frightening — it was going to be a challenge to bring this story and character to life in a grounded manner. Thommy and I had many talks before we filmed, going over the script and character arc, and found that we were on the same page as far as how we saw Meridith and the story.

theid_webposterLC:  Your portrayal of Meridith carried both some childlike, emotionally immature elements, and some frightening, psychotic elements – both of which you brought out like a champ. Did you have any inspirations when you created this character in your head? What was that creative process like, as an actress?

AW:  I watched some classic thrillers that Thommy recommended. Films that were his inspiration for tone and mood. As far as playing Meridith…my inspiration and intention was always to play her truthfully — to step into her world and live there for a while. We were on location so I had the luxury to tune out my real life a bit and stay connected to Meridith.

LC:  You certainly pulled that off!  Your performance was both harrowing and frightening, depending upon circumstance – obviously, the character had to come from some dark places. What does it take as an actress to put yourself in that place to elicit such depth of emotion?

AW:  I never thought in terms of dark or harrowing, I just immersed myself in her world and tried to be as genuine as possible. It was an emotional journey, for sure — one that took me a while to let go of. Meridith stuck around for a while after I wrapped the movie.

LC:  It’s widely stated that horror films, because of their intense nature, are often some of the most fun sets to work on – did you find this true with The Id? Do you have any stories or particular memories that stand out from the shoot?

Amanda Wyss in a scene from The Id

AW:  The Id  was an intense set, so there was not a lot of joking around. We had a very tight shooting schedule to work under. We all got along well and enjoyed working with each other, but we were very focused on what we were doing. I am in almost every scene so I had to keep my head in Meridith’s world, and the crew was immensely supportive of me in that. We were on location, so we would all meet in the breakfast room and hang out each morning before heading to the set. Thommy and I would have dinner every night after filming. We’d unwind, go over the days shooting, and talk about the next day’s scenes.

LC:  Patrick Peduto was positively wretched (and I mean that in the best way!) as your father in the film – what was it like working with him, especially with the intensity that was totally palpable during the time you shared on screen?

AW:  Patrick is a hard worker and a nice person. He and I have different processes, so it was always thrilling to see what the day would bring.

LC:  Tell us about working with Thommy Hutson.

AW:  Working with Thommy was fantastic! I was able to let go and immerse myself in the story knowing that I was in good hands. We have a shorthand because of our friendship. I look forward to many more projects with him.

LC:  Have you ever considered working behind the camera? Would you be interested in writing or directing in the future?

Another emotional moment for Amanda Wyss in The Id

AW:  I’ve always had my eye on directing.

LC:  I for one would LOVE to see that!  I know you’ve got quite the slate of upcoming projects pending – any that you’re particularly excited about that you’re at liberty to discuss?

AW:  I’m reading scripts and looking for a good follow up to The Id.  The challenge is to find another great character role that I can sink my teeth into. The Id  and Meridith spoiled me.  There is  a rumor that I might play the mother of werewolves…that would be sublime!


I’ll extend my gratitude to Amanda one more time — thanks so very much for taking the time to talk with us!  We wish her the very best of luck with those future endeavors (and will particularly be watching to see if she takes that director’s chair sometime!).

In the meantime, check out The Id — available now on Blu-ray!




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